Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Baby Fever?

Seems to be going around like crazy these days!
It hasn't caught me yet,
but that doesn't mean I love the little nuggets any less.
My love and I just spent the last week in Florida visiting our adorable nephew (his parents too).
Let me tell you,
this little man had us wrapped around his finger in minutes!!!

Adorable, right?
I miss this little guy so much already!!!

Do you have the fever?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Go Big or Go Home!

Sunday was the big day-
The San Diego Half Marathon!!!

After nearly 12 weeks of training
it was time to put my hard work to the test.
I was feeling the least bit confident about the race
but was still aiming to beat my last time and come in under 2:10.
Ready or not, here we come!
As I was running I continued pushing myself.
I passed the 2:20 pacing guide around mile two,
and after the 5K mark I was on a mission to find the 2:10 pacing guide.
I found him right around mile four,
passed him, and never saw him again!

Now it was a matter of keeping my pace so I could finish strong.
I kept running hard, with bursts of encouragement from the fans.
One sign in particular stuck out to me, it read,
" Do you ever ask yourself if you can give more?
The answer is usually YES.
So push harder and run faster!!!"
And that is exactly what I did!
Just finished!
 You can imagine my surprise when my best friend calls and says,
"Friend, you killed it, you broke the two hour mark!!!"
I was already on the verge of tears after crossing the finish line (I always am)
and this definitely made me choke up even more!

I did it!

My new personal record

We did it!

She got her personal best too, way to go Ash- 2:16!!!
I've been on cloud nine all week,
literally smiling from ear to ear every time I think about it!
I'm linking up with Mrs. Stephanie T. this week for little bits of happiness, 
I've shared what's making me happy :-)
Now it's your turn!  

Friday, March 9, 2012

Road Trip: Vegas Baby!

My lover and a few of his guy friends left for Vegas bright and early yesterday morning.
I made them yummy egg muffins to go,
and they hit to road to cheer on SDSU in the Mountain West Conference tournament!
My Dad, cousin, and family friend went a day earlier
and had already called to tell them about the coaches and players they got to talk with.

The boys were so excited to get out the door that they forgot to say good bye to someone...

As soon as they walked out, she ran to the back door to watch.
kind of broke my heart a little ;(
So I opened the door to let her get a closer look of them packing up the car and driving away.

She misses her dad so much, but we'll enjoy our girl's weekend!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

February Recap

My apologies for being M.I.A. last month :(
It wasn't until March practically smacked me in the face that I realized I only posted twice in February!!!
But for being a short month, February sure was busy. 
And with it being my birth month and all,
I'm guessing my schedule was packed tighter than most!

I kicked off the month attending the SoCal Blogger meet up.
This was a first for me and I must say I had a blast!
Great food, great location, great sponsors, and even better company!  

Me and my lovely friends who got me blogging!

The following weekend the birthday celebrations began
and they continued all month long!
Yep, that's right, ALL month.
It only comes once a year so better make the most of it!

It started with a shopping trip to Road Runner Sports for new running shoes.
If you're a runner, you know how exciting this is!

Thanks big bro!
 Followed by family dinner at my Grandparents house.
I requested chips and salsa as the appetizer, chicken and cheese enchiladas with rice and beans for dinner, and mudd pie for dessert!
Birthday dinners at grandma and grandpa's have been a family tradition for decades,
and grandma's home cooking NEVER disappoints!!!

On my actual birthday I came into work to this...

 and a delicious homemade cake, thoughtful card, and gift certificate to get a mani/pedi.
My co-workers sure do know me well!

As if all of that wasn't enough to make me feel loved,
my wonderful husband took me to dinner at one of our favorite Italian restaurants, Sardinas
and dessert at Cafe Zucchero- the cannoli's are delicious! 
on our way out!
Next on the celebration list was dinner at my parents.
I got to pick the meal again,
we had angel hair pasta with garlic, sundried tomatoes, and proscuitto, ceasar salad, asparagas, and garlic bread.
Oh and I can't forget the delicous (heart shaped) cake my younger brother baked!

To wrap up the birthday festivities some of my closest girl friends and I went out for Sunday brunch at Karl Strauss.
Their brunch is one of my favorites,
with plenty to choose from and endless mimosas!
What more can a girl ask for?

Love these girls!

As if all the birthday festivities weren't enough to keep me busy last month...
My nephew was born!

so precious <3
There was also Valentine's day (which is the day after my birthday),
I picked up my favorite friend from the train station and grabbed starbucks on our way to work.
Then I spent the evening lounging with the hubby and enjoying a night in together.
February was also my last month of hard training to prepare for the San Diego half marathon.
With my motivation lacking
and my running buddies dropping like flies (I hope they heal quickly!),
it was difficult to stick to my training schedule...
but I did it!
Thanks to my college roomie ;-)
We took turns driving to eachother to complete our long runs,
it's so much easier when you have someone to do it with!
Race day is this Sunday, wish us luck!
The hubs and I also started our search for a new place to live.
Our lease was ending and they were raising the rent (sigh),
so it was time to move on.
Long story short-
After searching craigslist and exploring our various options
we decided to move in with two of our best friends! 
(And Lilah's best doggie friend, Jack.)  
And finally,
somehow in between all the craziness that was February,
I managed to start reading the Hunger Games!
Can't stop reading...
and can't wait for the movie to come out!
Lilah likes it too!